Cultural Roots of Technology: An Interdisciplinary Study of Automated Systems from the Antiquity to the Renaissance

A Doctoral Dissertation

Here you can find the two data base where sources for my doctoral thesis were collected.

The main topic of my work is the history of automated systems, ranging from the first quotations in Homeric poems to the School of Alexandria and to the Renaissance.

My effort was then to include and discuss as many sources as I could find, in order to reconstruct the oldest part of automata history (a kind of proto-cybernetics) as in detail as possible.

Due to the fact that this is a computer science thesis, I decided to study the behavior of these automata and modeled them via UML language.

Images with the UML diagrams are included in the data base of sources; only automata whose operation was described at a sufficient level of detail have however been modeled.


Literary and in general written sources have been collected in a specific data base.

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Another data base has been implemented and populated with data about manuscripts containing Greek works of ancient engineers and their Latin or vernacular translations.

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